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Rose & Moss

Flowers for everyday 


Why are flowers just for special occasions? Don't get me wrong, flowers are a beautiful way to celebrate, but so many countries around the world incorporate fresh flowers into every day. For many of us here in Manitoba, cost and accessibility are the barriers to freely including flowers in our daily life. Rose & Moss was created to give you the freedom to gift or enjoy hand-tied and unique bouquets every day.  


Bouquets that are customized to your order. Rose & Moss is dedicated to fewer fillers and more of what you're paying for. Each bouquet is wrapped in paper and stamped with a unique wax seal. 

Inspired by the flowers in Europe, Asia, and California. Rose & Moss is bringing the experience of the world to South East Manitoba.


The bouquets can be delivered to your door within an hour of your order. Free delivery in Steinbach all week. 

The flowers from Rose & Moss are amazing! I was so impressed with the little details that made such a difference - the hand-tied bouquet, the unique and creative wrapping, the satin ribbon, and the fact that the bouquet was filled with actual flowers, and not just "fillers". And let's not forget to mention the jaw-dropping low prices, the opportunity to customize my bouquet, and the fact that the flowers are delivered when you want, for free, in Steinbach. So many personal touches make ordering from Rose & Moss a pleasure, and the price allows me to spread cheer to many friends (and myself!)."

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